To make a general medical appointment, call Monday through Friday evenings at exactly 5:45pm to make a same-evening medical appointment, or at 5:30pm if you are homeless. General medical appointments start at 7:00pm. Call (510) 548-4811 or (800) 6-CLINIC. Some of the treatments we provide include: colds, coughs, ear infections, sexually transmitted diseases (men and women), skin problems, urinary tract infections, minor wounds, burns, feet soaking, TB tests, vaginal yeast infections, and pregnancy tests. We cannot provide annual GYN exams or general physical exams.

The BFC Dental Clinic handles examinations, fillings, and extractions. Hours vary -- call to inquire the week before you want to come in. Clients are seen only on a drop-in basis, for a limited number of spaces. Call (510) 548-2745 or (800) 6-CLINIC.

For HIV Anonymous Antibody testing, women may drop in Saturdays from noon to 2pm. Men and women may also drop in on Sundays from 5:00pm-7:00pm. open to anyone over the age of 12. Completely anonymous -- no names are used. Call (510) 644-0425 or (800) 6-CLINIC.

Peer Counseling appointments are available on a drop-in basis. Drop in one-on-one counseling is available Tuesday and Wednesdays beginning at 6:45pm. Limited couples counseling is available. Long-term counseling through drop-ins. call (510) 548-2744 or (800) 6-CLINIC.

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